Elevate your intimate connection by indulging in a 5-day luxury retreat designed exclusively for high vibing power couples.

Grab your partner + pack your bags! ‚úąÔłŹ

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Evolve your relationship to the next level. You both deserve it!


Welcome to the Evolved Couples Retreat‚ÄĒa sanctuary where love transcends and redefines. This isn't just a retreat; it's a rebirth of your relationship, an immersive¬†experience designed to electrify the bond between you and your lover.


When two souls unite, they weave a dance of balance‚ÄĒcelebrating their uniqueness while crafting a harmony that is entirely their own. At our retreat, you won't just rekindle the flame of your love; you'll set it ablaze. Together, you'll embark on a tantalizing journey that awakens the deepest desires of your hearts.


Step away from life's incessant buzz and plunge into the tranquility of togetherness. Here, you'll strip away the world's noise, and the whispers of your hearts will turn into roars. In this space, you're invited to bare your souls, to dissolve the barriers that stand between you and pure, unadulterated connection.


We meld the mystique of ancient tantric practices with the precision of modern science to create an alchemy that will revolutionize your relationship. Through bespoke sessions crafted for your unique coupling, you'll scale new erotic peaks and explore the landscape of your love like never before.


This retreat is your private cosmos, a place where the ordinary gives way to the extraordinary. Shed the layers of the past, break free from the chains of routine, and unveil your most authentic selves. Here, in this oasis, you'll nurture a connection so profound that it becomes your fortress against the world's storms.


While this journey is deeply personal, it is also shared among a supportive community of couples, all committed to evolution just like you. Yet, within this collective strength, your experience remains intimately yours‚ÄĒa sanctuary for two where untamed passions are not just allowed but celebrated.


Surrender to the rhythm of sensuality and watch as your relationship blossoms into its most potent form. You will emerge from this retreat not just renewed, but transformed‚ÄĒfortified with the strength to cultivate a love that endures life's every challenge.

Your ultimate bliss is not just a dream‚ÄĒit's within reach. Will you grasp this opportunity to dive into the depths of intimacy and let your love soar to its highest potential?


Transformations await, and the Evolved Couples Retreat is the sacred space where they occur. Witness your love bloom into its most magnificent version and carry home a blueprint for a love that's dynamic, enduring, and deeply fulfilling.

Your transcendent journey begins here. Are you ready to step into the realm of infinite love?

    • Revitalize your connection and uncover new dimensions with your partner.

    • Foster deeper intimacy, collaboration, and spiritual development.

    • Master effective communication skills to express your desires and needs clearly.

    • Restore trust and reinforce your commitment.

    • Escape the confines of stagnant relationship patterns.

    • Ditch unconscious expectations and assumptions that hinder your connection.

    • Reprogram negative emotions, transcending anger and resentment.

    • Acknowledge and embrace your partner's contributions with genuine gratitude.

    • Unlock the secrets to sustaining lifelong attraction.

    • Forge lasting memories and cultivate positive momentum that extends well beyond your time together.

We look forward to you joining us for this amazing all-inclusive transformational experience. We look forward to getting to know you so we can help you take your relationship to the next level! #EVOLVED

  • 5 day, 4 night accommodation¬†at a Tulum inspired modern compound on¬†private wooded acreage¬†in Ohio
  • Transportation to and from (CAK)¬†airport in private shuttle
  • Daily Plant Based Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner prepared¬†by our private 5-star chef Kevin McCombs
  • An amazing Welcome Bag crafted to inspire¬†intimacy (Value: $500)
  • Yoga, Meditation, Hypnosis & Breathwork Practice + Evening Sound Baths
  • Powerful¬†Recommitment Ritual to¬†respark intimacy and manifest your dreams together
  • Inspired conversations, intimate workshops, and journaling lead by¬†Brit & Chris
  • Personalized¬†Life Path roadmap to understand your unique purpose and gifts
  • Couples Massage¬†
  • Daily Free-Play for conversations, connecting, or alone time. The perfect chance to network with all the incredible¬†souls attending or spend some quiet¬†alone time with your lover
  • Professional couples photoshoot
  • Access to pickle ball/basketball court, pool, hot tub, ice bath, and sauna

"The retreat was an amazing experience and I felt very relaxed and pampered. Taking all the time to just focus on us as a couple was such a gift to our relationship. All the connections we made with the other couples made the experience very special. Starting the day with breath work and yoga was perfect. The schedule had a very nice flow that was stress free. I was pleasantly surprised how much my husband opened up to the group. We left wanting more and to go even deeper."

Amanda Rourke

"It was such an incredible experience we shared as a couple. We were excited but a little nervous for the unexpected, but Brit & Chris made us feel right at home with all their kindness & love. The classes really helped us open up & be honest with each other. I was surprised with how comfortable my husband was with the group. The men really put their hearts out there & that made the experience so special. We didn't want to leave our new family at the end."

Amanda Rourke

"As a man I was able to open my heart, explore my feelings, and spill my guts in a non judgmental environment."


It's time to EVOLVE your relationship to the next level. Join us!



You'll be surrounded by 8 other committed couples dedicated to personal and relationship growth. Support each other on your journeys through thoughtful discussion and quality time together.


Gain new perspectives and tools for your relationship by learning from each other's experiences and wisdom. Walk away with insights to strengthen your connection.


Uplift each other's relationships in a nurturing environment. Each couple contributes to a community where you feel encouraged in your success.


Share authentic experiences safely due to our careful cultivation of trust. Many couples find relief in openness without judgment, empowering deeper understanding.


Meaningful bonds grow through fun, support and insight. New friendships and business connections will be made that will enrich your life for years to come.


Enjoy romantic nights and group activities while making "core memory" moments, amidst meaningful exchange. Relax into the delight of your new high vibing community..


Explore each other, your edges and growth areas fully, through respectful reflection unavailable elsewhere.


The feeling of being held in the presence of other awakened couples who see you, get you and can offer you listening and reflections that you may not be able to hear from your partner.



"This environment made it comfortable to have deep conversations and heal."


It's time to EVOLVE your relationship to the next level. Join us!


This is not for couple's in crisis. It's for partners who want to evolve their connection.

Every relationship requires ongoing commitment. You'll learn our tools to help you work through these key areas of living in bliss together.

Release the Past

Learn to forgive and let go of unhealthy mental patterns and negativity accumulated from old relationships and unconscious reactions.

Intimacy & Connection

Open your heart to even clearer communication and connection. Build a lifelong relationship based on trust, love, care, commitment and support.

Build Your Dream Future

Rewrite your story with a new "we" mindset and manifest your desires faster together as you aim for the same destination.

Join our sacred container to become an Evolved power couple.



  • You‚Äôre less than one year into your relationship and are still getting to know each other.
  • You don‚Äôt see the value in surrounding yourself with powerhouse, badass, like-minded couples to expand your network and resources.
  • You‚Äôre not committed to taking your relationship to the next level or making it extraordinary.
  • You don‚Äôt consider yourself visionary or evolutionary.¬†
  • You‚Äôre not willing to learn and discover new things about yourself and your lover.¬†
  • You have an ‚ÄúI already know that‚ÄĚ complex and aren‚Äôt available or willing to be in a¬†group experiential learning and growing environment.¬†¬†
  • You‚Äôre not willing to invest the time and energy required to get the most of this experience.¬†
  • You‚Äôre always perfectly happy with the way things are and have all the support you need.
  • Your relationship is totally on the rocks and needs a complete overhaul.

"We wanted space to let go of control and deepen our connection and devotion."


It's time to EVOLVE your relationship to the next level. Join us!


"Went in not knowing what to expect and left feeling more connected with my wife. We have been together for 16 years and we're always looking to grow together. This definitely gave us new tools to use in our relationship both mentally & physically. Thanks for a fun week!"

Jamie Rourke

"So many people in their line of work do not live the way they coach, but these two exemplify it. I’ve seen a tremendous improvement in my life and relationship in the last few years just making little changes that the two have suggested. This has put us on a new timeline."

Alex Lewis

"This retreat was AMAZING and everything I needed! It’s so amazing to feel the connection with Pat from the retreat. Having a partner with the same intentions each day is so important. Pat keeps using the language from the retreat and it makes my heart smile."

Sophia Musto

Creating a sacred space for couples to unite in connection, deeper intimacy, and healing holds incredible power.

Rather than an intensive schedule, envision a laidback experience filled with inspired conversations, meditations and workshops to rediscover yourself and your partner.

Spend time connecting meaningfully with other couples while immersed in luxurious plant-based meals and wellness activities like yoga and breathwork. Relish in ample free time just to chill with your love.

Our final night brings the party with a recommitment ceremony, photoshoot and dance party by the bonfire before saying goodbye to your new soul family.

This transformative retreat empowers you with mindset shifts and an action plan to strengthen your bond. Are you ready to join us on this magical journey toward a more loving partnership?


"This retreat helped us repair "micro tears" we didn't even know we had. Beyond amazing although it wasn't easy stuff to do. We had the perfect balance of work, fun, relaxation and self care. Great vibe and definitely want to do again. This was EXACTLY what we didn't know we needed and any expectation I had was blown out of the water. Thank God, because I would have sold myself short."

Nancy Shivers

"I don't have words for how magical this experience was. It was so safe and healing with non judgmental tribe members. I have hope and more tools to be better and make us stronger. It was transformative, engaging, and 100% life altering. And you walk away with a new family of choice, our spirit tribe! Thank you for letting me surrender, so I could be ready to evolve."

Nancy Shivers


Prepare to be pampered. Once you arrive you wont have to lift a finger. Enjoy one of the most romantic all-inclusive Tulum inspired modern compound.


  Escape the everyday stresses of your busy lives. Connect to your lover in a relaxing, calm setting. Enjoy your relationship. Feel closer than you have in a long time.


Learn from relationship experts. Gain tools and resources to help your relationship for years to come, using the most effective and research-based models.

Escape for 5 transformational days in a stunning Tulum inspired compound


It's time to EVOLVE your connection to new levels of intimacy and bliss

Your couples package includes accommodations, transportation to and from Akron airport, food, activities, and more. It does NOT include air travel.




Save $777 when you pay in full!

You and your partner must both apply here to set up a connection call.





You and your partner must both apply here to set up a connection call.



Are you ready to immerse in an environment uniquely designed to elevate yourself and your partnership?

Join a sacred community of empowered individuals committed to cultivating the healthiest, most fulfilling relationships possible.

Connect deeply in this conscious container with visionary leaders in intimacy and personal growth through inspirational workshops, conversations and wellness activities. Leave behind surface-level connections and unleash your true potential.

Get energized by like-minded souls seeking to strengthen bonds of trust, honesty and care with their partners. Discard outdated patterns through introspection and guidance from expert facilitators.

This curated setting activates quantum leaps - not just for your relationship, but in your individual lives and collective impact.

It has birthed eras of philosophical thought, scientific breakthroughs, and world-changing innovations.

Now you have been welcomed into the transformative circle where souls reinforce one another to achieve your highest good. Elevate yourself and watch your connection soar to new heights among an empowered community.

Your future awaits - will you answer the call?

Brit and Chris Carmichael, founders of The Elevated Life¬ģ, are a husband and wife duo dedicated to empowering people on the path to transformation, healing, and enlightenment.

Chris has spent decades of his life studying psychology and personal development. With over 25 years of practice, he uses a powerful blend of hypnosis, meditation, and NLP to help you break free of fear and tap into your full potential.

Chris attended the highly acclaimed St. Marks School of Texas followed by leaving the University of Texas at Dallas his junior year to start a 7-figure real estate business. Chris experienced the high levels of mental stress that came with running successful companies and after facing a couple near death experiences he starting tapping back into his hypnosis and psychology background.

From 7-figure real estate investor to hypnotist and mental coach for celebrities, CEOs, and high performance athletes, Chris can help you find your inner calm while overcoming any challenge you’re up against.

Brit has spent over 16 years behind the chair of her award winning luxury vegan hair salon coaching women to reclaim their power and SHINE from the inside. Brit hosts healing women‚Äôs retreats around the world, and serves as an intuitive mentor to 6 & 7 figure soulpreneurs. She‚Äôs the Founder of Shine School¬ģ, an online self-love mastery course, author of the Shine from the Inside Oracle‚ĄĘ deck, and certified yogi who loves to inspire others to find their sparkle magic.

"What I get from the Carmichaels that I have yet to find anywhere else is the breadth of lifestyle hacks ‚Äď mental shifts, plant-based eating, exercise tips, books to read, healthy routines, yoga poses ‚Äď you name it, they know a lot about it!"

Erika N.

"This experience showed us where we needed to heal our 'micro-tears'."


It's time to EVOLVE your relationship to the next level. Join us!

8:00: Optional Yoga + Breathwork
9:00: Organic Breakfast Bar
10:00: Becoming Your Best Self Workshop + Meditation
1:00: Lunch + Free time
4:00: Intimacy, Tantra, & Communication Workshop
6:00: Recommitment Ceremony + Photoshoot
7:30: Plant Based Private Chef Dinner
9:00: Evening bonfire + hot tub time

Yes, you must book your own flights as your flights are NOT included in the price. However, transportation to and from Akron, Ohio airport is included in your package price.

This magical Tulum inspired compound is located about 40 minutes away from Akron, Ohio airport. You and your partner will connect with the other retreaters at the airport to be escorted over to the property on a luxury shuttle bus together so you can start to get to know your new found soul family.

Your flight is the only thing NOT included in the package cost. All your meals, snacks, drinks, airport transposition, and a 1 hour couples massage are included.

The Meraki House offers a variety of sleeping and bathroom options that we are offering first come, first served. Overall there are 12 bedrooms each with Queen sized beds that can accommodate up to 32 guests across both floors.

On the main floor there are 3 standard Queen bedrooms each sleeping 2 people, along with 2 shared bathrooms.

Upstairs there are 3 private Queen suites with ensuite bathrooms. There are also 2 bunk rooms - one with 2 queen beds and one with 4 queen beds, sharing 3 bathrooms between them which will be used for staff.

The second floor additionally has 4 standard Queen bedrooms each with 2 beds and skylights. These rooms share the 3 upstairs bathrooms.

Linens, towels and toiletries are provided for all guests. Shared bathrooms are cleaned daily with additional supplies available.

The unique shipping container construction allows for a combination of private and dorm-style sleeping (for our staff). We aim to accommodate different needs so just let us know if you require any specific arrangements. Overall, we've designed the space to feel homey while still allowing for flexibility.

Please let me know if you need any other details about our accommodations setup. We want everyone to feel comfortable during their stay.

The rooms will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

This is a very small intimate event with space for only 9 couples. We use the application process to make sure each couple who attends is in alignment with what this retreat offers.

Here are a few key reasons:

Suitability - It allows us to evaluate whether applicants meet the baseline requirements for getting the most out of the retreat experience. We review things like commitment level, communication styles, expectations, and ability to be fully present.

Logistics - We have a limited number of spots available so the application helps us ensure those attending will be fully committed for the entire duration and have arrangements like childcare in place. This makes the flow and planning easier on our end.

Preparation - Receiving applications in advance gives us time to understand each couple's goals, dynamic, potential trigger points, etc. so we can customize the program and preparations accordingly. It sets clients and facilitators up for success.

Screening - While our retreat fosters openness and growth, we aim to maintain an overall safe container for that work. The application allows us to screen for any potential conflicts or issues that could disrupt the process for other attendees.

Transparency - We believe it's important to have alignment on expectations up front. The application exchange achieves clarity on what you and your partner hope to get out of it and what our approach truly entails so people can make informed participation decisions.

The process establishes structure that ultimately enhances everyone experience during the retreat itself. It creates the optimal conditions for meaningful connection, lasting friendships, and elevated learning.

There is private parking on the retreat property, but if you are flying in your transportation will be provided for.

Our Evolved Couples Retreat is designed to ignite passion and deepen intimacy for partners seeking to take their physical and emotional bond to new heights. However, it's important you and your lover evaluate if you're truly ready to bare your souls - and bodies - to one another.

Things to consider:

  • Communication styles. The retreat places an emphasis on honest, vulnerable conversation between partners. Are you both comfortable openly sharing feelings and being emotionally intimate?

  • Commitment levels. You should both be invested in continuously improving and deepening your connection. The retreat isn't meant for couples who are uncertain or considering separating.

  • Growth mindsets. Be open and willing to reflect on yourself, listen to feedback, and make positive changes. It's not a time for blame but for personal and shared growth.

  • Trigger points. Be aware of each others' triggers from past relationships/experiences and commit to handling them respectfully during activities.

  • Logistics. Be able to fully focus without distractions for the duration and have arrangements in place for childcare if needed.

  • Fun mindset. Balance the serious work with playfulness and seeing each other in a new light through lighthearted activities.

If you've made it this far and you're ready to be vulnerable with each other and want new tools to evolve your connection (plus me other power couples), then the retreat is right up your alley. But check in with yourselves and each other honestly first to make sure the timing is right.

Due to the limited space available there will be no refunds given. If the trip is cancelled by hosts due to unforeseen travel changes/requirements your payment will be applied to a rescheduled future retreat.

Our couples retreat has a relaxed feel to it so bring whatever makes you feel best.

Here a few key items we recommend bringing along:

  • Comfortable clothing for both indoor and outdoor activities. The average daily high temperature in Dundee during the first week of September is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with lows around 60. Be prepared for mild weather with layers. Pack hiking shoes for a nature walk.

  • Casual attire such as yoga pants and tees for meditation and exercise sessions. Don't forget comfortable closed-toe shoes if needed.

  • One glam outfit for your Recommitment Ceremony Photoshoot¬†followed by a dance party on the final night
  • Swimsuits, as there will be opportunities for relaxing in the pool or hot tub.

  • Toiletries, chargers, and any essential medications. We provide towels and bedding, but bring personal care items.

  • Notebook and pen for journaling exercises during the retreat.

  • Yoga Mat, optional. We know it can be a pain traveling with them, but feel free to bring yours or let us know if you'll need one..

We only include alcohol on the final night of our Evolved Couples Retreat for a few key reasons:

  1. Focus. The primary focus of the retreat is on communication, bonding, and personal growth work. Having alcohol present throughout could distract from truly connecting with each other on a deeper level and doing meaningful inner work.

  2. Vulnerability. Many of the activities and discussions during the retreat encourage vulnerability, honesty, and emotional intimacy between partners. Alcohol can act as a social lubricant but could also inhibit full vulnerability or filter being dropped with a partner. We want to foster safe spaces for people to be fully present.

  3. Togetherness. Much of the retreat involves couples learning together in both private sessions and group activities. Having alcohol present for long periods could potentially separate people or change group dynamics in a way that isn't conducive to the overall goals.

  4. Fresh mind. We aim to give people tools and insights they can take away and apply to their relationship long after the retreat is over. Ending on a celebratory note with alcohol allows people to process what they've learned mostly with a fresh mind and be well rested for their return home.

We hope this framework provides both focus and a sense of appreciation and release.

I love talking about all the magic things but now it's time for the legal stuff.

By purchasing your ticket you agree to the following terms and conditions of sale related to the Evolved Couple's Retreat scheduled for 2021. At the time of signing up for the retreat, you agree to pay the full balance in monthly installments based on your payment plan. 

All sales for the Evolved Retreat are final, and monetary refunds will not be offered.

If the Evolved Retreat is cancelled for reasons outside of our control, whether to due COVID-19, or for other reasons, we will provide you with a credit to be used for a future event hosted by us within 2022, transferrable to other retreats/offerings based off availability and certain exceptions. This retreat may change locations if that is the case.  

We are NOT requiring negative testing or proof of vaccine.

While we will not impose any unnecessary restrictions, due to the nature of travel in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the venue, airline and/or other vendors involved in the Evolved Retreat may require pre screening methods from you, including but not limited to COVID-19 tests, mask mandates, social distancing guidelines, and other reasonable health and safety precautions.

Therefore, by agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge that you will comply with certain safety requirements that may be necessary to participate in the Evolved Retreat. You also agree not to participate in the Evolved Retreat if within 14 days of the Evolved Retreat, you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have tested positive for COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, including but not limited to a fever, and you must inform us as soon as possible so that we can work with you to find a safe alternative for the health and safety of all participants.

You acknowledge that your participation in the Evolved Retreat is done at your own free will, and while Brittney Carmichael LLC and all associated vendors will take all necessary precautions, your participation may include exposure to and illness from infectious diseases including but not limited to COVID-19.

While particular rules and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of serious illness and death does exist. You understand that you knowingly and freely assume all such risks related to illness and infectious diseases, such as COVID-19 and hereby knowingly assume the risk of injury, harm and loss associated with the Evolved Retreat.

If your participation in the Evolved Retreat is terminated for any reason, including but not limited to noncompliance with rules, regulations, and guidelines set forth by the Evolved Retreat or other parties involved, including but not limited to the hotel, airlines, and any vendors, you acknowledge that you will not receive a refund, and that any outstanding balance will be due and payable at the time of your termination.

Finally, you understand that participation in the Evolved Retreat is for coaching services only. You understand that you in no way are granted a license to use any of the training material or exercises, and will not use any intellectual property, including but not limited to what is instructed at the time or any such materials provided. Any use outside of the scope may constitute trademark infringement, copyright infringement, or other violation of Brittney Carmichael or Chris Carmichael or Brittney Carmichael LLC's rights.

Meraki is a Greek word that means to pour yourself, your heart, creativity, and soul into what you do, and this space was created in that very spirit. We invite you into it with hopes of it serving as a place to come fully experience life, love, and relationships.

Nestled on a picturesque wooded property, the Meraki House provides the perfect setting for relaxation, reconnection, and personal growth.

What was once a doomsday shelter has been transformed into a one-of-a-kind retreat center through creative renovation and design.

The shipping container construction lends an eclectic aesthetic while also feeling warm and welcoming.

Arrive to an 80-person dining hall with soaring wooden beams and a cozy stone fireplace. A fully equipped chef's kitchen allows for homemade meals to be enjoyed communally.

A game room, lounge areas, basketball and pickleball court, and outdoor pavilions give plenty of spaces to socialize or find solace. Upstairs, private and bunk-style bedrooms (for our staff) provide comfortable nooks to recharge.

Skylights in some rooms frame stargazing from your bed.

Step outside to lush forest and field views. Unwind by the hot tub with daytime dips in the seasonal pool. Experience sauna and cold plunge rituals. Mornings may find you doing yoga under the pines.

Come evenings, capture sunset and stars from the observation deck. Warm yourself by the backyard fire pit roast after a meal cooked on the outdoor kitchen grill.

Unique in its design yet cozy in its execution, the Meraki House prioritizes setting the scene for deep renewal and connection amongst its uncommon walls.

Immerse yourself fully in this inspirited retreat space.

Join our sacred container to become an Evolved power couple & connect with your new soul fam.


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