Oracle 101: How to Cultivate Self-Care Rituals with Oracle Cards

Develop Confidence and Connect with your Soul

Let's Create Some Self-Care Magic ✨

In Oracle 101, you’ll learn how to connect with oracle cards to develop your intuition and reclaim your confidence. If you’re new to the woo, then this empowering oracle class is great to get started with building healthy habits into your daily rituals.

Creating easy self-care rituals has shown to increase mindfulness and reduce stress so I’m going to teach you my favorite tool to help you commit to your self-love: oracle cards!

Empaths, lightworkers, and healers tend to not know how to set boundaries (guilt-free) and stop overgiving which leads to massive burnout and even physical issues.

You’ll learn how to easily start using oracle cards as your go-to ritual for self-care so you have constant clarity along your spiritual journey.







Self-Care is the key to more abundance, happiness, and wellness.

However, for a lot of women, self-care tends to drop way down the list as life gets in the way. 

The thing is, what they don't realize is self-care should be a non-negotiable. Treating it as such will dramatically improve life and make everything that much more, well, sparkly.

Self-care reached an all time high in 2020 on Google search.

So as you can see, it's important and women are starting to understand that there's a lot of magic attached to it too. 🔮

I've personally worked with thousands of women, from burnt out CEOs to stressed out stay at home moms and there's one thing that they all have in common... They are all missing self-care.

They don't put themselves first or give their souls time to replenish and heal. As they say babe, you can't pour from an empty cup!

It's the whole reason why I created Shine School® and why over 2400 amazing women have now taken it. 

My favorite tool for self-care and connecting to my intuition is using oracle cards. Card pulling can be truly magical and acts as a mirror to your soul. By allowing yourself the time and space every day to even just pull 1 card, it can change everything.

I believe in the power and magic of oracle cards so much that I even created my own deck, Shine from the Inside Oracle, which takes all the self-love lessons from my signature program Shine School® and puts them into a fun pull and play ritual to uncover your soul's wisdom and discover who you truly are.

Babe, I'm now ready to lift the glittery magical lid on my own self-care rituals using oracle cards and show you how you can do the same.

✨ How to get started intuitively reading oracle cards for yourself and others (including the basics)

✨ 2 easy ways to cleanse your cards and how to protect your energy

✨ Why self-care rituals are a non-negotiable and how they can change your life

✨ My simple oracle card spreads for self-love and self-care

✨ Silencing your inner mean girl and updating your self-image with a very powerful guided meditation

✨ How to stay committed to your daily rituals and make them become habits


"Thanks so much Brit for this course. I now have non negotiable self-care rituals that I do every day. This course goes so well with your Shine from the Inside oracle deck!"


"BRILLIANT. Just brilliant. I feel less stressed and have a new daily ritual that I actually look forward to doing now. So happy to have taken this amazing magical course!"


"WOW. I've always played around oracle cards but until doing this course, I actually realized there's much more to explore. Thanks Brit for this awesome course!"


This is for you babe if...

🔮 You're new to the woo and want to learn how to start using oracle cards

🔮 You're tired of putting everyone else first and you're ready to commit to daily self-care rituals

🔮 Your intuition led you here and you want to develop a connection with your soul even deeper using oracle cards

🔮 You're ready to take your confidence to the next level and finally trust yourself








Module 1 

✨ The difference between Tarot and Oracle Cards including why they're both special in their own way

✨ Choosing the right Oracle cards for you now and as you progress on your journey

✨ Creating a sacred space for your self-care rituals and how to make it special to you

✨ Cleansing your cards including my favourite ways that I use to cleanse my own cards

✨ Protecting your energy and why this is so important when you use oracle cards

Module 2 

✨ Connecting with Oracle Cards at the start and developing this deeper going forward

✨ Using the guidebook and when to stop using the guidebook

✨ Exploring deeper through the art of journaling to deepen your practise

✨ Reading for other people and how to listen to your intuition to do this

Module 3 

✨ Silencing your inner mean girl and improving your self-image significantly

✨ My favorite card spreads for you to use and enjoy 

✨ A beautiful guided meditation to help you update the negative self-image you have in your head that is drastically affecting your level of confidence


✨ My 2 favorite self-care tools to tap into your orgasmic power

✨ A self-love card spread template to help you connect with your soul

✨ A self-care spread template for you to find clarity on what rituals you most need in the moment

Hey, I'm Brit! Founder of Shine School, Oracle deck creator, and self-love guru. If there's one thing that I've learned, it's that self-care is the missing ingredient to a happy and fulfilled life! I would love to show you how you can create self-care rituals using oracle cards to help you uncover your sparkle magic.


Are you ready to create life changing Self-Care Rituals?

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